Scott Walker on “Big Government” and Occupy Wall Street

Who does Fox and Friends’ Gretchen Carlson turn to to help her understand the Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Movement? Specifically, the entry of unions in the mix? None other than Wisconsin Governor Scott “Recall” Walker.  No surprise he’s still on his message that every single story is about private enterprise vs. “Big Government”.

GRETCHEN CARLSON (HOST): What do you make of the unions getting involved in these protests?

WALKER: Well I think they’re looking for a way to draw attention away from the real issues, which are, what do we need to do to put more people to work? The biggest thing we need to do I think at least in Wisconsin, across the country, is get government out of the way, make it easier for job creators to create more jobs. All these other things are kind of distractions. They’re ways of trying to show activity, show action, suggest that they’re being advocates, but in the end that doesn’t put people to work. You were talking in the earlier segment about the new jobless numbers coming out, the new unemployment rate coming out tomorrow, we need to ultimately put more power back in the hands of the people, and that means the American consumer, the American entrepreneur and the American job creator, not more money back in the hands of big government, and that’s really the debate going on here.

He wants to put “power back in the hands of the people”. I’m so amused I could choke. This is why his Dept. of Administration locked the people out of their Capitol building this spring in defiance of a court order?

Photo source:dailyreporter

And I have to ask, is delivering the public’s tax money to corporate private schools and handing over political control to a state agency instead of the local school boards putting “power back in the hands of the people”? WHILE he cuts at least $1.6 billion from locally controlled public education?

Perhaps the thing that makes his “putting power back in the hands of the people” point most enraging is Walker’s signature on Wisconsin’s recent vote suppression bill AB7. When 177,399 Wisconsinites 65 years old and up have neither a driver’s license nor a state ID, and they now need one to vote, where’s the people power?

He says we need to ask “what do we need to do to put more people to work?”

Why would I look to him for this information OR this advice?

His plan to create 250,000 jobs is not a rocketing success. Looks like unemployment was on the downswing until he got into office. Now it’s going back up. These job and unemployment numbers are a constant shuffling game for all politicians who take credit for the good, and push off anything bad on the guy who had the job before. But Walker upped the ante when he campaigned heavily on his ability to deliver jobs. Thus, it is time for him to hang by the rope he brought in with him. We need to start yelling that he is NOT DELIVERING THOSE JOBS.

With an FBI probe closing in, a recall effort against him, AND a failing “jobs plan”, his quivering hands are getting a little full.

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