Kloppenburg Campaign Manager files complaint against Waukesha County Clerk

The complaint – which you can see in full HERE – runs through facts that are stunning to see in all of their collected negligent and/or criminal glory, including some that are brand new for me.

At the conclusion of the document, Joanne Kloppenburg’s campaign manager Melissa Muliken calls for an independent investigation into Waukesha County Clerk Nickolaus on the part of G.A.B. to be conducted by an appointed special investigator and followed up by a “civil action for civil forfeitures and injunctive and declaratory relief”.

If the G.A.B. does not appoint an independent investigator to do the job, then Muliken asks that the G.A.B. refer the matter to a district attorney.

I knew about much of what was laid out in this complaint, BUT I was not certain that Kathy Nickolaus…

“did not publicly release any evidence such as a print-out form from her data system substantiating her explanation of the alleged “human error” in reporting the election results”

..and while I knew that the Democratic canvasser who spoke during the 4/7/11 press conference later expressed confusion and doubt about what went on, I didn’t know Nickolaus-

“did not mention the election-night omition of the Brookfield votes from the County’s vote totals during the Board of Canvassers public meeting”, and the G.A.B., the Brookfield City Clerk, and the County Canvass Board members had no idea of the magnitude of the ommission – that being that the entire village of Brookfield’s votes were gone – until the 5:30PM press conference 2 days after the April 5th vote.

(At this moment, I am inclined to just tug my hair out.)

The next three points Muliken brings up suggest at best a very chummy relationship between Prosser, Walker and Nickolaus. If our worst fears guide us, we imagine a full-on plot to rig the election.

The points add fuel in this request for a full and independent investigation.

1)The complaint notes that on the evening of Wednesday April 6th, David Prosser and Scott Walker had a “private one-on-one meeting” and adds that

2)Scott Walker made public statements that same day that ‘there might be “ballots somewhere, somehow found out of the blue that weren’t counted before” ‘

3)The complaint adds – without interpretation of these events – that Kathy Nicholous communicated with conservative media outlets such as the National Review online before communicating with the press of Wisconsin about the found votes.

The complaint then walks through a list of election red flags, including the one which stuns me each and every time I read it:

In 2004 Nicholous reported that 97.63% of the eligible voters in Waukesha cast ballots in that election. 

Just to point out how wild this number is ….Even in countries where voting is compulsory and eligible citizens are punished if they don’t vote, the voting rates are not this high!!

Examples:  Belgium at 93% and the Netherlands (when they did it) at 94.7% Source

Hello Attorney General Holder? We do have some work for you here in Waukesha. Voting irregularities go back to 2004…

Let’s assume the numbers as presented by “yourguest” below are deemed correct by people with a decent night’s sleep who can check them out
(this was published at approx. 11pm, I just found it at at 3AM)
Here’s the next question.Is it time to get a federal investigation?
Because if the writer “yourguest” caught it, and the G.A.B. didn’t catch this, Continue reading

Tammy Baldwin Writes U.S. Attorney General Requesting Federal Investigation of Election Practices in Waukesha County, Wisconsin

Representative Baldwin Asks U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder To Investigate

Democratic Rep. Tammy Baldwin has sent a letter to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder asking for a federal investigation into the questionable handling of vote records in Waukesha County.”Following this week’s election for the Wisconsin Supreme Court, numerous constituents have contacted me expressing serious doubt that this election was a free and fair one,” Baldwin said in the letter. “They fear, as I do, that political interests are manipulating the results.”…’ Smidge more info at a Blurb in Chicago Trib
Page 1 of Letter to Holder (click letters to get larger view)

Page 2 of Letter to Holder

Tammy Baldwin represents the U.S. Congressional 2nd District.  Madison, Wisconsin is in the center of the district which extends north  to Portage, skirts around the edge of Paul Ryan’s hometown of Janesville, and then extends south to the border with Illinois. MAP
What else is going on with the Investigation of Waukesha County’s Clerk and Election Practices?
Kevin Kennedy of G.A.B. Does not think Federal Authorities Need to Be Involved.

Director of the Wisconsin Government Accountability Board Continue reading

So. About That Waukesha County Clerk. Seems She Made a Mockery of The Audit On Her Procedures

1) Before you read this, take your heart pills and/or make sure you’re not operating heavy machinery. Remain seated. You could get enraged.

2) I lifted this off of a good blog I’ll be returning to called The Brad Blog I see he also does audio (!!!)

So, to what enraged me. First off, when County Board members and the Waukesha County DOA discovered that Nickolaus kept “election data collection and storage system off the county’s computer network – and keep it on stand-alone personal computers accessible only in her office” they were alarmed and conducted an audit of her operations.

Well, that sounds sensible.

But then, when I read this….I do feel a *silent scream* coming on:

“When presented with the results of the audit at a County Board meeting, Nickolaus said only she would take the recommendations “into consideration” and was then taken to task for what one member of the Executive Committee described as her “smirks” during the discussion, as reported by the Journal Sentinel in January of this year:

Several committee members said they were uncomfortable with Nickolaus’ refusal to adopt the recommendations.

During one part of the discussion, Dwyer erupted in exasperation at Nickolaus’ facial expressions.

“There really is nothing funny about this, Kathy,” he said, raising his voice. “Don’t sit there and grin when I’m explaining what this is about.

“Don’t sit there and say I will take it into consideration,” he said, asking her pointedly whether she would change the passwords.

“I have not made my decision,” she answered. After supervisors continued to press the issue, Nickolaus indicated she would create three different passwords.

“This isn’t that big of a deal. It isn’t worth an argument,” she said. “This is ridiculous.”

Nickolaus also said she would make her own assessment of when to back up computer programming for election ballots – and store the more frequent backup in another building, as the auditor recommended.

I don’t know if this person is demented or crooked or both…??  She’s entrusted with votes, for crying out loud. To know that her stubbornness and unprofessional conduct have been beyond frustrating to this very conservative government body in Waukesha – that gives me pause. Those folks are on the same Ruby Red political “side”.

Meanwhile, Caffeinated Politics is calling for the clerk’s resignation.


Past Coworker of Waukesha Clerk: “This is NOT an acceptable way of doing this stuff”

Note: Former coworker Lee will be on our online Solidarity Radio Show at 10am today Friday 4/8 CST. The show will also archive at that site.

What follows is a note from a friend. Name omitted intentionally. I have permission from her to post her text, which is about her husband. I will name him if I can get a direct email from him:

“My husband used to work with Kathy Nickolaus (the Waukesha County Clerk). He used to work for the legislature’s IT shop from 1993 to 1997. Quote, “She was not only incompetent, but also a fierce right-to-lifer and archconservative. If you said to her, ‘I really like hot fudge sundaes’, her reply would be, ‘We really have to stop abortions.’ Her testifying in the caucus scandal notwithstanding, this casts considerable doubt on her integrity. She knew damn well that what she was doing for the caucuses was against the law, (later) immunity not withstanding.”

He says he is very, very afraid now because the questions about her integrity are extremely frightening to him. “The fact the the entire county’s election data is on a single PC with no backup demonstrates her incompetence.” He remembers being in a meeting with the chief of their IT shop and hearing about the stuff she was doing, and he told the boss, “We could really get caught with our pants down. This is NOT an acceptable way of doing this stuff.” And he was just speaking as a data processing professional. BTW my husband was an IT professional for 20+ years so I trust his opinion.

Now my opinion: FIRST THING IN THE MORNING someone needs to file a FOIA request and state open records request for the data on her computer. And impound the damn computer and do a complete forensic investigation.”

Waukesha County Clerk Kathy Nickolaus Worked Under Prosser in a Wisconsin Assembly Dissolved by Scandal [April 10 article]

FYI-Wisconsin has 6,291 wards. You can take a look for yourself:  http://legis.wisconsin.gov/ltsb/redistricting/ward_data.htm

This Clerk Always Lands on Her Feet

What a fool I’ve been–not hanging around with a successful land-on-your-feet type like Kathy Nickolaus. She works as Waukesha County’s clerk since 2002 and she happens to have located 7,500 some votes for whom? Well, I’ll be damned: her former boss David Prosser.

She worked as a staffer under Wisconsin’s Assembly Republican caucus when Supreme Court Justice David Prosser ran it as Speaker & Minority Leader.

She then accepted immunity in prosecution in a criminal investigation of Wisconsin’s state government.

From a June 3, 2002 article in the MJS-

“I can’t really say anything about the probe,” she said. “I was offered immunity and I took it.”

The 42-year-old Republican candidate hopes that voters will accept her role in the ongoing scandal over alleged illegal campaigning by caucus staff members and elect her county clerk this fall. She is one of two declared candidates for clerk.

But some are squeamish about turning over a $56,000-a-year position — one that oversees elections — to someone whose last job resulted in a deal with prosecutors not to bring criminal charges against her.

“That sends up a flag,” said Muskego City Clerk Jean Marenda.

As I feared, Daily Kos checked – yup- Prosser Gained by Just Enough Votes to …

The win by Prosser would be – assuming all votes are certifed with him retaining this 7,500+ vote lead – Continue reading

Waukesha County Clerk’s Reliability in Question Since August 2010

Apparently Waukesha County Clerk Ms. Nicklaus is a stubborn lone wolf type, who has tussled with the Dept of Administration head and other county officials who were “raising a red flag about the integrity of the system” of Waukesha County in August of 2010.

And now her Ruby Red Republican county produces about 7.500 votes for Supreme Court Justice David Prosser.

DOA chief Cummings said that municipal clerks send their election night results by “dial-up modem to the county clerk, where they are tabulated and stored.”

The last time I used a dial up modem in real life was in the early 90’s. I asked my boyfriend when was the last time he heard a dial-up modem. He replied, “On that spoof April Fool’s story that NPR did about the appreciation of slow internet”.

This quote from Cummings in August of 2010 also sounds ominous: “Nobody’s trying to do her elections for her.” He said, however, that he was troubled that Nickolaus talks about the computer equipment, software and data as if it is hers, although it was purchased with county funds.

Here’s your required reading: this article from the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel from that time period .

I’ll continue to skulk around the net for more info.

I am possibly one of thousands of people who’ve sent an email to DOA chief Norm Cummings asking for an interview. For the moment, it is safe to say…

Something is rotten in the

County of Waukesha.