Wisconsin Maps!: That was then, this is now.

I’m a canary in any coal mine. And today I can breathe. I’m enjoying a breath of fresh air and the Wisconsin view….

Just click the map – – it’ll reveal both sides & fill the screen.

I lifted this from the facebook page of “540,000 To See Scott Walker out of WI, January 2012”

Wisconsin areas ran out of ballots. But there are touchscreens and voters in line by 8PM have a right to vote.

Ballot Shortages. It’s a big deal? Maybe not.

Ballots ran out in Madison, Appleton, Fond du Lac

“Now ballot shortages announced in Madison, Appleton, and Fond du Lac. …

#wivote”  – from @PhilipStl and CdLune

Claire deLune

Once a voter is in line, assuming it is before 8pm, that voter must be given a ballot.
Of course the voters have to wait around a little more… See #7 at this G.A.B. list of 10 things for voters to know.

Touchscreens Are at work in Vilas County
“The town of Arbor Vitae in Vilas County has run out of ballots, but the county clerk says voters have been able to continue voting by a touch screen machine…” -County Clerk Dave Alleman  Source 

Alleman adds – “Had we known that the Supreme Court race was going to be a referendum on Scott Walker, we probably would have ordered a lot more ballots,” Alleman said.”

Huh. I’d say, how do you not know that this is a
referendum on Scott Walker?

Possible legal challenge to keep polls open 1 extra hour?
Not too sure if there’s anything solid here, but this is a tweet I noted: “@slouch2geneva to be clear, Dems are trying to mount a legal challenge to keep polls open till 9. no word on if that will happen”


Unclear to me Exactly what Oshkosh & Fond du Lac’s High Turnout Means

I would like to say it is expected from the home of Wisconsin’s most controversial senator–(Hopper having a girlfriend and apartment in Madison, under non-residency complaint, strong recall campaign, etc.)

But I acknowledge that this is historically a conservative area:

Feingold 12,834 Johnson 24,867 in 2010

Obama 23,463 to  McCain’s 28,164 in 2008

Kerry 36%  to Bush’s 63% in 2004

Doyle 33% to McCallum’s 56% in 2002

Live blogging the Wisconsin Supreme Court vote. Kloppenburg has a fighting chance.

The weather is lovely here in Madison-no wind, overcast sky with the sun now peaking out. Turnout is always high in Madison and it’s breaking records.

What us pro-Kloppenburgers need to see is exceedingly high #’s in blue areas against weaker #’s in red areas. I would like to tentatively report: That is what I am seeing. I am cautiously optimistic.


In my gut, I feel that the conservatives are facing their own “enthusiasm gap” because too many people know how poison anyone tied to the Walker administration is. And Prosser is tied to the Walker administration.

Madison-Record turnout projected 75-80%!: Yesterday the city clerk said 60% was projected. But with 16% turnout by 11am–and new ballots ordered:

“We’re expecting the equivalent of a regular presidential Continue reading

Stand up to Scott Walker. Vote. Take back Wisconsin.

They can not take away your vote. Tuesday is your first chance to cast a vote against Walker.

I endorse Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin State Supreme Court.  Please vote for Joanne Kloppenburg on April 5th.

Take back Wisconsin.

Link directly to YouTube.

A Friend of FitzWalkerStan: Supreme Court Justice David Prosser

Prosser on April 5th? NOPE. I’ll vote Kloppenburg for Supreme Court.

You’ll note that a lot of us pro-union, anti-Walker types are endorsing Joanne Kloppenburg for Wisconsin Supreme Court in the April 5th election. For many it boils down to Prosser’s Republican backing and the liklihood that collective bargaining legislation will go all the way to the Wisconsin Supreme Court where, frankly, it will probably be approved if Prosser keeps his job.

But if you needed more reasons to doubt Prosser’s worthiness for the post, then read on. I’ve summarized below his protection of a pedophile in 1979, his pro-business agenda, and an allegation that he’s been making unethical threats toward trial lawyers.

(I promise to do a companion piece just on Kloppenburg later).

He’s Who’s Right for the Right Wing

In the video below, Prosser speaks on a local Republican-sponsored show called “Who’s Right”. I really like the host:  Alternate video link.

Prosser tells the host that the chances that Walker’s Budget Repair Bill will come up for Wisconsin Supreme Court review are “About 100%.” Continue reading