Victory. Statements from Senators Wirch, Holperin, and Miller

Image from CSMonitor-Senator Wirch's Victory Speech

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you to each and every one of you who assisted in last night’s victories.

I know I’m breathing easier today seeing Wirch and Holperin hold onto their seats. I pledged on facebook that I’d eat my hat if Simac won.(a large sun hat. awfully dry eating.)

I’d like to think that with only a 1 vote majority now, Wisconsin’s Republican state senate will feel like it has to take a more moderate direction. I’d like to think there are a few politicians realizing Walker can’t protect them from consequences. Frankly, I’m still processing it all. How about you – feeling hopeful? Or just tired? Other?

Here’s a good citizen-journalism video from MadManMikey which includes Senator Bob Wirch’s victory statement and more. (Audio starts a little quiet but gets better) Senator Wirch says “I am honored to fight for working class people” and the crowd breaks out into the classic “Thank you! Thank you!” Wisconsin protester chant. Wirch relays a comment from John Bowser of Sha Na Na, who has helped multiple Democratic Senators campaign: “Wisconsin people are the nicest people in the whole world. But don’t get ’em angry!” Wirch adds that politicians need to get back to being able to negotiate and find moderation and compromise. At the 6:42 mark the crowd repeats “Recall Walker! Recall Walker!”

WAOW has a a little coverage from Holperin’s speech last night – -in which you also hear the crowd break out into “Recall Walker” chanting, followed by some terse commentary from retired political science professor Dr. Angela Burger

FOX11 provided words from both Holperin and Simac –no chanting–and starts out by titling it their “Balanced Coverage”. Snickering is almost obligatory.

Here’s a statement from Wisconsin State Senate Minority Leader Mark Miller on last night’s wins:
“Senate Democrats have fought for the rights and priorities of middle class and working families. In historic recall elections across the state the people of Wisconsin have clearly spoken out against the radical, divisive agenda Governor Walker and legislative Republicans have pursued to date.

“All three Democratic incumbents have been re-elected, Democrats have won two seats, adding two fantastic new Senators – Jen Shilling and Jess King – and came within 1,100 votes of flipping the Senate majority.

“When the legislature returns, Democrats will continue to focus on an agenda that brings sustainable, well paying jobs to Wisconsin, ensures women, children and families have the health care they need, provides the opportunity for a great education for our children and job training for workers, protects our clean air and water, and delivers tax savings to the small businesses, middle class and working families that need it most.

“We would welcome the opportunity to work with the Governor and legislative Republicans on this agenda to move our state forward.”

And for a flashback, here’s Senator Miller’s statement regarding the previous week’s election results.
8/10/2011 MADISON — “Tonight we have added two outstanding women to the Senate Democratic Caucus, Jess King and Jen Shilling.

“Six months ago no one would have ever expected we would be where we are tonight. The people of Wisconsin have made history. While Democrats have not won back the Senate tonight we have not lost.

“Democrats, moderates, independents and even Republicans fought back against the radical Walker overreach that attacked core Wisconsin values. We fought on Republican turf and added two Democrats to the State Senate.

“Teachers, nurses, firefighters, police, EMTs, blue collar and white collar workers fought back in historic rallies at the Capitol, gathering 180,000 signatures in every corner of the state to trigger unprecedented recall elections and elected two Democrats.

“We pushed the Republicans and their special interest allies to the limit in strongly Republican districts. The middle class and working families stood up to the special interests and the right-wing extremists and won.

“Clearly the radical, divisive agenda Republicans have pursued does not sit well with the people of Wisconsin. It is time to end the assault on middle class and working families and for Republicans to work with Democrats to create jobs, protect our schools and ensure children, seniors and working families have access to health care.”

Wisconsin State Senate District 12 - It Stays Holperin Territory

More on past election #’s for Wirch and Holperin’s districts at DailyKos.

The Ed Schultz Town Hall, Barrymore Theater, Madison, Ground Zero in the Wisconsin Movement.

I joined 1,300 people in the Barrymore Theater last night. This crowd needed absolutely no assistance in warming up. While we waited for start, one audience member in the front in green face paint and a fright wig, stood up to lead the chant “This is what Democracy looks like”, while a cowbell waving member clanged along.

The crowd was noticeably over 30-years-old and mostly white–a demographic that fits with Madison, Wisconsin. However I feel qualified to state that the mix of cultures and styles brought to the Barrymore by the Ed Schultz crowd was uniquely non-elitist and non-cocktail swilling – as the downtown Madison crowd is characterized by the local GOP.

The format of the evening was billed as “town hall” with microphones at either side of he theater, and so I expected to hear hours of testimony. Instead, we heard a series of brief pointed speeches followed by a conversational exploration of the events that have transpired in Wisconsin since February 11 of 2011 when Scott Walker unveiled Wisconsin Act 10.

The crowd was stacked with those absolutely committed to jumping through all of the hoops required to get there – and thus  -the energy level they brought to the evening was red hot.

To guarantee entry into this event, hundreds waited in line first at noon, and then again later at 4:30PM, and following, they waited inside the theater. We listened first to John Nichols, Stu Levitan, Ruth Conniff, and a representative from PR Watch, and finally, we saw the man of the hour, Ed Schultz.

I didn’t count how many times Ed was thanked for Continue reading