This is what SLOB-ocracy looks like: the Grothman Recall Rally

This is footage from the “Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman” held in Saukville last weekend.

Senator Chris Larson delivers a conversational, funny speech to the hundreds assembled.  He says the very first time he spoke with Glenn Grothman was on national television where Grothman referred to protesters as slobs. Larson says,

“This is America. I don’t recall free speech having a dress code.”

The crowd reacts with connection to every statement Senator Larson delivers. Reminds me of what I saw here last Wednesday at the Ed Schultz town hall. Part of it is that when Chris Larson left to block the Governor’s bill, he became a hero, and people are ravenous for a hero’s words. And part of it is they are running on “high idle”, meaning they have too much fuel even at rest.

I am thrilled. It’s a long journey from here to Walker’s recall yet somehow we’re keeping a full tank.  I feel we are going to make it. I also feel like we have to.