Wisconsin, it’s not about you.

As I finish reviewing this article, 6pm March 9, the Republican GOP assembles to vote.

And 5 minutes, and it’s done. Peter Barca interrupts Scott Fitzgerald to say that open meetings law of Wisconsin is violated. Not even 2 hours of notice was given, and only with “just cause” [usually an emergency] may a government meeting be conducted in under 24 hours.

Barca said he had no idea what was in the bill. Fitzgerald said it’s the same but some things were removed. Barca kept yelling that the action was illegal, not just a rule violation.  Somewhere in the chaos an audience membered yelled “This is wrong” several times.Fitzgerald did the roll vote, gaveled, it was done. Another person yells “What have you done?” over and over after the gavel falls.  Legislators rush away while the crowd literally screams “SHAME” repeatedly at them. Dale Schultz was the one “no” vote.

It is legislation that strips collective bargaining. Doing so violates previous statements that the stripping of these rights was needed for fiscal reasons. Fiscal legislation relies on a quorum of 20–and non-fiscal legislation may be done with the remaining Republican Senators in Wisconsin. I watched the events tonight via Wisconsin Eye, where the footage will be archived.

We’ve been swearing out loud, at each other, yelling at the Capitol, asking ourselves why is the GOP doing this to us? What must the Republicans of Wisonsin be thinking? Wisconsin. I’ve had a break-up like this, too – but of course not on the magnitude of this break-up between the people of Wisconsin and the GOP. You can feel rejected and angry, but it’s not about you. It’s about Obama and the election of 2012.

Fitzgerald told us this on national TV –  that by defunding the unions when they remove collective bargaining rights – and thus dues collection, Wisconsin Republicans are weakening the Democratic Party funding and therefore Obama’s 2012 bid for reelection. Wisconsin is an important piece to capture on a presidential campaign chessboard, and I think we knew that. But we may have not realized that the goal of hobbling Obama would tower over everything else you hold dear.

Or in other words, you’re being used until someone better comes along. Like Washington D.C. [though how THAT’s better…]

I know. Who wants to believe that Wisconsin’s angelic form, charm, education, and plain beauty would not be enough for these GOP men [well, mostly men anyway]? Who wouldn’t want a future with Wisconsin?

Do you now wonder if it matters if we bring 100,000, a million, and even 2 million people to clog up Madison? Or would we still be ignored because Scott Fitzgerald and Scott Walker only have eyes for Mr. Right Wing? [Scott Walker finds his dreamboat in the mirror]

I can’t help but recall that when Scott Walker sent $890 million away to 11 other states, he said that the jobs he sent away were “not the right kind of jobs”.

Now I believe he would call the  majority of the Wisconsin electorate that disagrees with him “not the right kind of people”. Maybe “slobs”?

If I came up to Fitzgerald and said the following, do you think he’d only hear “blah blah numbers blah blah blah” because it’s not about cutting off unions and Obama at the knees?:

Pew poll released yesterday found the unions winning over the public in Wisconsin — they led Walker by 11 points.” These polls and others are in line with earlier polls that suggested Walker’s popularity was already sagging and that a majority of Americans oppose efforts to weaken collective bargaining rights by a margin of 60 percent to 33 percent.”

I’d think a sensible politician who wants to keep his job, would rethink this whole stripping -of-collective-bargaining-rights idea. But in yesterday’s press conference, he ignored the issue of local recalls when asked about them [2 minute video clip]. Meanwhile a vast grassroots recall effort against GOP senators is on fire across the state delivering 15% of the signatures needed in 1 weekend.

But the recalls must’ve registered with him. Just as something to stop. Yesterday Senator Fitzgerald revealed that Republicans are considering changing the rules for recall elections and allowing them only if an elected official has been found guilty of ethical or criminal misdeeds.

Source: WPR.

Again, Wisconsin, this is not about you – or representing you – at all.

Sticking with wildly unpopular plans does not make sense if you’re trying to stick around and have a relationship with your people. Walker and this Senate Majority leader see us as something ugly and cheap to walk on while they ready themselves for one day, and one suitor on November 2nd, 2012.

Insulting Letter to Dem. Senator Mark Miller from Scott Fitzgerald

Scott Not-Afraid-To-Be-A-Royal-Prick Fitzgerald: Republican Majority Leader, Wisconsin State Senate

March 7, 2011

Sen. Mark Miller

Parts Unknown, IL

Dear Senator Miller,

Thank you for your hand-delivered letter with an offer to meet, in Illinois, about the business and future direction of Wisconsin.   Let’s set aside how bizarre that is for a moment.

As you know Continue reading