Where there is Andrew Breitbart, there are lies.

Not pigpen. I recall that Charles Shultz is a conservative. Instead, I present a dirty pig.

Some people leave a wake of garbage in their path. Reminds me of Pigpen from Charlie Brown .

Andrew Breitbart spoke at Madison, Wisconsin yesterday to approximately 3,500 Tea Party and Pro-Walker people. They were there to do their darndest to match the numbers of Progressives, workers, and students that have rallied since last week February 14 against Scott Walker’s union-busting “Budget Repair Bill”.

Now there are rumors left behind to dispel. Picking up garbage is something we thought we’d have to do after receiving 60,000 visitors. But this?: A doctored video Continue reading

Thousands Gather at Today’s Worker Rally, Madison Wisconsin

An iron worker from Waupaca

I’ve put up just a few pictures for now – more to come very soon. I’ve heard that there are 10,000 people here. I’m not sure.  It’s difficult to know since the capitol building is full of people and they also flow out and down to State Street. Certainly we are in the thousands. I feel a sense of determination when I speak with people. They are angry but also worried.

About 200 people are registered to speak at the public hearing on Scott Walker’s budget” bill (which if you’re new to this, bans collective bargaining by workers and takes away other union rights in Wisconsin). I’d like to be in that room, but only 10 people are allowed in at a time, and even those people are only allowed 2 minutes. Last I knew, the entire East Wing of the Capitol was roped off. I asked staffers but they were not aware why, but mentioned maybe there is a security issue.

I did just get a tweet that Senator Dale Schultz’s office is closed due to a threat.

There was a rumor that Tea Party counter-protesters would be here, but I’ve seen none. We are a mix of men in work coats, people in dress coats, younger people with kids, older people. A few young people who look to be students. I heard that an entire high school class came. Most of the people are in work coats or jackets.

Somebody asked me on twitter if we see national guardsmen. The answer is “no”. A few police are casually walking around, and they seem unconcerned, just chatting with each other.

I’m going back outside to take a lot of pictures. There’s no internet in the capitol building. It’s not too cold outside in Madison, but the wind is very high, so those folks standing out there for hours are tough!