Lori Compas pledges a clean campaign against Sen. Scott Fitzgerald and fake Democratic candidate, Gary Ellerman


I made another of my many trips to the Gov’t Accountability Board office today. Instead of photographing a light snow on a crowd of smiling people as I did when Lori Compas submitted 3 boxes of signatures to recall Scott Fitzgerald, I snapped photos of pure sunshine falling on the same determined smiling people. Lori Compas has become known as the woman who organized a recall against Sen. Scott Fitzgerald from her kitchen table because it had to be done. She is now known as the contender for his seat, and her submission of 800 signatures to file for the candidacy today lets the world know that her team of volunteers is chomping at the bit to do much more. The volunteers collected more but they could not all be submitted per G.A.B.’s policies (920 signatures were collected for her bid for office in 7 hours on Saturday and around 900 signatures were collected the next day).

She is also hoping to make a name for heself as a clean campaigner despite the fact that she will be up against a fake Democratic candidate and the ever-snarling personality of the GOP’s Senate Co-Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald [Wisconsin now has 16 GOP and 16 Dem senators after the resignation of Pam Galloway of Wausau and thus Fitz is no longer a “majority” leader].

Gary Ellerman is the man who Lori informed me did cause authentic confusion over the weekend in Wisconsin after he announced he would run as a Dem to primary her on May 8th. But when a photograph of Ellerman emerged showing him standing side by side with Fitzgerald at a Lincoln Day dinner, and when online researchers learned he is the leader of “Walker Walkers” of Lake Mills, his secret was swiftly outted.

I stood with the volunteers discussing their responses to Ellerman’s entry into the race – which were really mere shrugs of the shoulders. It was a response very unlike the alarm many activists [this blogger included] displayed last summer when they saw Wisconsin’s GOP prop up fake candidates in each of the GOP recall races. The feeling is, “Been there. Done that.”

Today amongst a team of about 30 supporters Lori Compas invited Scott Fitzgerald [and I presumed Ellerman] to rise to the challenges she says she will honor in a clean campaign pledge: to attend 5 debates to occur around the district, to collect at least 75% of fundraising monies from inside Wisconsin, and to attend no out-of-state fundraisers.

“I hope Scott Fitzgerald will respond to constituent concerns and pledge along with me to run a clean campaign,”Lori Compas said.

One thing I think Wisconsin can expect from Scott Fitzgerald is condident yet empty statements such as his February 8th remark after 20,600 petitions were submitted to kick off his recall [when only 16,742 were required]:

“I’ll have enough challenges to be below the threshold.”

His recall election was certified between the hours of 9AM and 10AM last Friday March 30th.

As the photo-taking wound down, one couple waited eagerly near Lori Compas. The woman of the pair said to Lori, “What do we do NOW, Lori” as if she were waiting for her instructions from a local field organizer. Lori replied, “Knocking on lots of doors.”



I had to make a correction: earlier I wrote that 75% of collected funds would have to come from within the district as stipulated by the clean campaign pledge. I should have said that the funds are to come from within the State of Wisconsin. 04/02/12 10:53 pm Central

The Post-Win Post: Real Democratic Candidates for Senator of Wisconsin Blow Past GOP Losers

Photo from The Fifth Column

Last night was gooood. Six Wisconsin Democrats defeated candidates who were Democrat in name only in primaries around the state. Now they can move ahead to unseat the Republican Senators they were going after: Cowles, Darling, Harsdorf, Olsen, Hopper, and Kapanke.

Skip forward to the Non-Cheesehead section at the end if you have a lot of “how the heck can the GOP even run fake candidates” questions.

Nice try, GOP
Five of the six real Dem candidates won handily-with spreads along the lines of 70 to 30. If you innocently believed 1 or 2 fake candidates at their word Continue reading

Recount inevitable BUT Unofficial tally and now Rep. Mason announces: Kloppenburg wins by 233. Results Mapped.

Much of Wisconsin has been on the edge of its seat waiting and watching and refreshing the screen at MJS or AP hoping to see Joanne Kloppenburg win.

Based on tweets, a precinct in Milwaukee and the Lake Mills numbers are what we have been waiting for.

And at 12:49PM, a tweet:

“Cory Mason, state assemblyman on FB: Jefferson County in, Kloppenburg wins by 233! #wiunion#wivote #WEareWINNING “- from 2NewEarthRising New Earth Rising  and @PhilipStl:

I am pleased. But I’m not dancing, only because –

1) I’m terribly fatigued and

2) We know there is going to be a recount.

3) I wanted Joanne Kloppenburg to not just win, but *soundly* win.

BUT I know full well that what’s been pulled off by Joanne Kloppenburg and the people of Wisconsin is stunning.

Joanne was not supposed to make it this far.

I hope Joanne Kloppenburg and ther campaign team are feeling some pride in the midst of all of the other emotions they must be experiencing today.

By the way, I don’t blame either candidate for calling an inevitable recount. You’d have to be insane not to demand a recount when your opponent wins by around 0.01 percent of the total vote.

Here is a link to the laws and procedures governing recounts (I will be writing a summary in a bit): Election Recount Procedures from G.A.B.

And below is a map from the It’s Academic blog.

You know I want that whole state to be cobalt blue.

Numbers used were compiled by AP and current as of 11:11AM CST.