12 Angry Cheeseheads

This is a must-see: 12 angry cheeseheads quietly floating by Scott Walker on Lake Wissota as he pretends they are not there.

This was the “Wisconsin Workers’ Fishing Opener and Boat Parade”

And then, there’s this:

A note on the blog slow-down:

A couple of people have commented that I am doing less on the blog lately. [One seemed to think I must be seriously ill.] It’s OK. Wisconsin politics still disgusts and fascinates me and sometimes incites a fit of barely contained rage. But my son is back to living at home and I do feel it’s good to spend some time with him.

It’s all good. New stuff is just around the corner. Some of my efforts are being put into the blog revamp occurring at an undisclosed web location.  This may seem like a small thing, but this morning, I figured out how to embed Stephen Colbert videos.


Happiest of Mothers’ Days to all.