Video: Walker drowned out by protesters at Rock County ribbon cutting

This is one more video from Arthur over at “Shit Scott Walker is Doing to My State“. (That dude is on a roll.)You just can’t miss it and it only takes seconds to get what’s up here.

Walker was at a ribbon cutting at a new Rock County Welcome Center today and so were about 200 people who came prepared to effectively drown him out.
Walker and the event roll ahead as if nothing unusual is going on. And in fact this is the way Walker’s appearances go everywhere in Wisconsin. This is the new normal: Walker appears, loud taunting results. If protesters get only hours of notice, maybe only 10’s of protesters show up. If protesters get days of notice, 100’s of them show up to jeer.

Photo credit: OldOnliner of flickr

Governor Scott Walker
Photo credit: OldOnliner of flickr

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