Scott Walker. Putt putt. Vroom vroom.

I've been waiting a long time for an excuse to show this dorky photo of Walker on a Harley.



Here’s a development on the John Doe case which got my attention as I rode the bus to Milwaukee today.

A Rice Lake Harley Davidson vendor is suing the Milwaukee County prosecutor Bruce Landgraf over his pursuit of details on a credit card purchase. The Harley seller, Christopher Brekken of Rice Lake, contends that Landgraf has it in for him.

The seemingly frivolous lawsuit is less interesting than the fact that it brings attention to a forgotten fact: that a certain former Milwaukee County executive and current governor was known to tool around the state on a cycle too cool for him on even his best days.

And of course if that’s interesting to a prosecutor, then it becomes interesting to the Walkergate watcher at large.

As penned by Bruce Vielmetti in M.J. Sentinel: “As county executive, Walker took annual motorcycle tours around Wisconsin to promote Milwaukee County, including in 2009 and 2010 when he was also running for governor.”

Brekken’s lawsuit will be discussed in a telephone conference on Friday in Barron County before Judge James Babbitt.


Another interesting photo I ran into in the line of blogging duty. The dude with the grey beard is the notorious Dave Zien. You may remember him from that time he visited the rotunda and tried to run people’s feet over with his wheelchair while yelling “Walker for President!”. Yesirree, that was quite a day. 

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