When Republican men cry, I do want to reach for a sharp stick and..

Mitch McConnell recently had a good public cry. And once again, I just felt like poking a Republican with a sharp stick.

Why?! I’m a forward-thinking open-minded kind of gal. Men have a right to cry.

But these are Republican men, not “men”. There’s HISTORY here and it’s an appropriate time to dredge it up. I think the lesson for us is that every male politician after Ed Muskie has been able to sob a river, but if a woman politician does, her career will tank or at least be bludgeoned by the media.

Pat Schroeder broke down in sobs when she announced she would not pursue the Democratic nomination for president in 1987 and she got slammed royal for being a woman with a capital W. Which she was. She brought kids and diapers along to Congress on occasion.  On juggling career and kids, she said,”I have a brain and a uterus, and I use both.”

She got slammed for using her womanly tear ducts in an editorial from the LA Times, 1987: “…I could see her now crying her eyes out because the national budget won’t balance or sobbing because the Soviets won’t cooperate with us at the arms talks. Give me a presidential candidate, regardless of gender, who can deal with pitfalls without falling apart….by DAVID KOLPACOFF

After ’87, Pat Schroeder kept a file of all politicians who cried publicly which included the likes of Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher.

When Hillary Clinton got a wee bit misty-eyed during her 2008 campaign, the media questioned her sanity, her leadership, and whether she was crying “crocodile tears”! The lowest cut: Sobber extraordinaire Glen Beck said of Hillary, “It cries”.

Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks saw the craziness in the way Hillary Clinton’s tears were summed up as “calculating” while Mitt “Robo” Romney’s tears of the time were   “poignant”,  “genuine”, “moving”,  and “heartfelt”. And bizarrely when George Bush Junior shed a tear it was an “extraordinary display of emotion by the Commander in Chief”.

If you only have 30 seconds for a full on blubber, here’s Boehner’s choice moment from that 60 seconds interview:

“He can’t go into schools without becoming sad, he said, because “you see all these little kids running around …” and began to cry. He wants to make sure “these kids have a shot at the American dream, like I did.””

I can see his heart pinned to his sleeve from here. Won’t be long before he’ll be upping the federal budgets for those little school urchins and we’ll be pegging him “Socialist Democrat”!

I’m not the only critic:

“This is not exactly the first impression you want to make to the American people,” said Republican strategist Ed Rollins.

“This guy has an emotional problem,” said Barbara Walters, who leads the View’s roundtable. “Every time he talks about anything that’s not ‘raise taxes,’ he cries.”

To celebrate, 2 more great male Republican sobs:
Mitch McConnell:

35 seconds of Boehner crying about terrorists, “When are we gonna take them on?!?”

In the interests of science and the continued study of the politics of teary eyes,  I will establish a separate page just to log any and all Democratic, Republican, or third party crying sessions. Hint of cries to come: There’s a rich well of tears to be found in the Bush video library. HOWEVER I can not promise to document Glen Beck. He’s too hard to even watch!

One thought on “When Republican men cry, I do want to reach for a sharp stick and..

  1. The Republican Party, where the men are men, so are the women, and the sheep run scared. (Sorry, I know it was gratuitous, but I couldn’t help myself. )

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