Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s private inauguration for the Conservative Elite

I couldn’t even try to go to Scott Walker’s private inauguration today or protest outside. I was helping my son with a car problem! Oh well. I’ll have to see what the other bloggers put out there for us.

The blog Caffeinated Politics let me know that the public was locked out of Wisconsin’s capitol building with the doors guarded by police while Scott Jensen,  “the former Republican Speaker of the State Assembly who had to seek a plea deal so not to face another trial and possible prison time,  sat proudly in a chair for the inauguration”

A quick look back at the inauguration of Doyle shows he did allow the public into the capitol ceremony.

I didn’t catch an official explanation for the lock-out. Did somebody freak Walker out by slipping him this description of Andrew Jackson’s 1829 inauguration?:

“Many poor people came to the inaugural ball in their homemade clothes. The crowd became so large that Jackson’s guards could not hold them out of the White House. The White House became so crowded with people that dishes and decorative pieces in the White House began to break. Some people stood on good chairs in muddied boots just to get a look at the President. The crowd had become so wild that the attendants poured punch in tubs and put it on the White House lawn to lure people out of the White House.”

What kind of inspiring words came from Scott Walker?:

Under our administration, state government will do only what is necessary – no more, no less.– Gov. Scott Walker’s inaugural address.

Just enough to get by, in other words. Pretty inspiring.  Back in school, my teachers always called that “not working up to ability.” from UppityWis.org

How many people protested the private inauguration?

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reported “Outside, dozens of protesters walked around the Capitol” *shaking my head* Dozens??

I spent some time laboring over a flat tire in the cold and wind today. I have a lot of respect for anybody who gets off their duff to make their voice heard outside on a January morning.  Saying “dozens” could be an isolated error. But with what I’ve seen from the M.J.S. through 2010 …I’m somebody who notices the MJS under-reporting every Left of Center action in the state.

Emily Mills of Isthmus: “somewhere between 400 and 600 citizens gathered on the State Street side of the building around 10:30 a.m”

and The Daily Reporter said” hundreds of people rallied outside in the cold demanding work for themselves and their neighbors.”


Conservative think tank MacIver Institute: “We have the vote and we can recall,” shouted one speaker to a crowd of approximately 300 outside the Capitol’s West Wing Monday morning.

One thought on “Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker’s private inauguration for the Conservative Elite

  1. Scott Walker is a feudalist. For the conservatards out there it means this: Screw you and your children….. Hours got cut from your job? FU pay me! Can’t afford health care? What’s wrong with you? Get another job… and by the way.. FU pay me! Etc., etc. It also means that, if he has his way, the vast majority of us would have 1) A job we hate that pays nothing, 2) Cheap ass Chinese junk for all of our possessions and 3) A potato – it will be all we can afford to eat
    Scott does what is good for Scott. He talks about cutting waste in the government and points to the fact that he replaced housekeeping with some cleaning agency and security with Whackenhut….. BFD……
    Anyone with enough brains to fill an atom size piece of toilet paper knows that all he did was put some local people – all of which live in the County and spend most of their money there, out of a job and replace them with temporary outsiders. They may make less on the check – that’s true – but what sane person believes that the overall cost is that much less? Whackenhut (who are using workers in Milwaukee County from as far away as Illinois) and Merry Maids or whoever STILL tack on profit and overhead. All that has happened is that our tax dollars now get funneled into the communities where the temp workers are coming from. PLUS a ton of local workers are now on unemployment insurance. Nice.
    You would have to have a screw loose to vote this dickhead into the Governor’s office.
    Tea Party nit-wits aside, we all know what could really help out “We the People”:
    1) Lift the FICA cap – let’s contribute based on ALL of our earnings. The $100,000.00 or so cap which excuses income from any income over that amount is basically theft. You know as well as I do that Social Security would be solvent, and much more if this was done.
    2) Repeal the insane trade policies which greatly favor China and others. As an example, our own friend and ally, South Korea, slaps a 9% tariff on the few cars that we are allowed to import while we levy only around 2%.
    3) Extend the tax cuts for the first $250,000.00 of a couples income ($200,000.00 for singles) and let the rest expire AS THEY WERE INTENDED TO. Need I remind you that we have had almost a decade of these cuts for the rich and we LOST jobs. We did not gain a thing.
    4) For businesses that operate off shore, many under through a “wholly owned subsidiary”(which amounts to a monopoly in fact)
    Levy heavy tariffs on the imported goods. If an American business wishes to exploit cheap labor overseas, then let them pay the cost to America due to lost jobs.

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