This is what SLOB-ocracy looks like: the Grothman Recall Rally

This is footage from the “Rally Supporting Labor Over Billionaires (SLOBs) and to Recall Grothman” held in Saukville last weekend.

Senator Chris Larson delivers a conversational, funny speech to the hundreds assembled.  He says the very first time he spoke with Glenn Grothman was on national television where Grothman referred to protesters as slobs. Larson says,

“This is America. I don’t recall free speech having a dress code.”

The crowd reacts with connection to every statement Senator Larson delivers. Reminds me of what I saw here last Wednesday at the Ed Schultz town hall. Part of it is that when Chris Larson left to block the Governor’s bill, he became a hero, and people are ravenous for a hero’s words. And part of it is they are running on “high idle”, meaning they have too much fuel even at rest.

I am thrilled. It’s a long journey from here to Walker’s recall yet somehow we’re keeping a full tank.  I feel we are going to make it. I also feel like we have to.

4 thoughts on “This is what SLOB-ocracy looks like: the Grothman Recall Rally

  1. Sorry I missed your post on “The WisCairo Political Rickroll of Scott Fitzgerald”. Did you delete it? I’m curious because I was forced to “edit” a post I did on DailyKos (and on my mirror at about the rich hiding their personal information. I saw that you do honor protecting their personal information, and was very interested in your position on that. If you’ve got your comments archived, I’d love to read them, as it’s an issue close to my heart.
    My post is still up and being debated at:;-Is-It-Ever-OK#comments

    • Hi Kathleen- I removed my post which included that video after I got a comment from the individual who originally posted that. The person did not ask me to remove it. However, I sensed in the comment some trepidation over whether that video should’ve been put out there unedited and also the person registered surprise that the video was getting any sort of notice. Therefore, I pulled the whole post to give the person an opportunity to consider what they had done and I replied as much in an email. I can post what I want. This is just a courtesy I extended. WRT to printing personal info, I run into this issue a lot. People are putting a lot of personal info out on social media, sites etc and sometimes they are later troubled by how available it is. As for publicly available, I don’t have a hard and fast policy on this stuff. I don’t come down on you or anybody else, I’m not a police officer of the net, per se. I do enjoy a certain amount of anonymity because I don’t always have a body guard at my side and some political people get really edgy. I do want people to feel as if they have a voice in general. There is also your/my reputation at stake. If you are the person who divulges personal information, will it come back to bite you in the butt later when you would like to speak with somebody off-record? No answers for all scenerios here. These are just some reactions.

    • Kathleen – one more thing – on those people on Daily Kos saying they are going to “tell on you” to somebody else for doing anything…that is clearly total bullshit playground stuff. The next thing is -it seems men political bloggers like to create online pissing matches and chummy clubs. Do we female writers do this as well? Are there not enough of us? In no way have I done an exhaustive study or anything but…you know…it’s a developing perception I have. Seriously-I’d appreciate evidence to the contrary if it’s out there.

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